PromiseVision 3D

In order for Dr. Ward Whitaker and our team to provide the best treatments for our patients in Tampa, Florida, we utilize the PromiseVision 3D dental microscope. This technology helps our dentist view your teeth in more detail and perform dental surgeries quicker and easier. To learn more about the PromiseVision 3D microscope, call Custom Dental Care & Med-Spa at 813-876-6930 and set up an appointment.

Dental microscopes allow our dentist to magnify a certain area of a patient’s mouth while it is being treated. They also allow our dentist to remain in a comfortable position while providing treatment. Microscopes allow our dentist to find and diagnose dental problems that are not seen with the naked eye. They are most used for dental procedures such as oral surgery, laser dentistry or restorative treatments. Microscopes can also provide a learning opportunity for patients and team members through displaying surgeries on a monitor and recording procedures.

The PromiseVision 3D dental surgical microscope is one of the best dental microscopes with the fastest image processing available. It was created alongside endodontists and ergonomic engineers in order to create a device that makes dental surgery quicker and easier for our dentist and patients. It eliminates the need for binocular eyepieces and allows our dentist to view crystal clear images of your teeth with more detail and depth of field. It also gives our dentist more ergonomically correct posture, freedom of movement and less fatigue so attention is focused longer on the patient.

To learn more about the PromiseVision 3D microscope and how it can make your treatments faster and more comfortable, we invite you to call our office.

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