Powder and Ombre Brows

If you have sparse, thin brows and would like to enhance and fill them out, you may be interested in getting powdered brows! The process of getting powdered brows is similar to microblading in that it is a semi-permanent method that applies pigment to the skin. While microblading simply uses strokes to fill in your brows, powder brows use a combination of both strokes and dotting for deeper and fuller pigmentation. Powdered brows provide denser, darker results that can give you a complete brow. You may be interested in powdered brows over microblading since it is less invasive and results often last longer. Powdered brows can last up to three years, but we encourage regular touch-ups with our permanent makeup artist, Tanya. You should usually get a touch-up once a year.
Ombre brows involve a combination of microblading and powder on the brows. With ombre brows, microblading is used on the inner third of each brow, and then the other two thirds of the brow are powdered. The results from ombre brows can last anywhere from two to four years.
To determine which type of brow enhancement in Tampa, Florida, is right for you, please call Custom Dental Care & Med-Spa today at 813-876-6930 to schedule an appointment with our permanent makeup artist, Tanya.

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