Permanent Eyeliner

Getting your eyeliner just right can be difficult to almost impossible. While applying eyeliner, it can be difficult to get the precise, beautiful lines that you want. We have the solution — permanent eyeliner! Permanent eyeliner is a semi-permanent tattoo that can be applied on both your top and lower lash lines to create an illusion of fuller eyelashes and to give you that effortlessly perfect eyeliner look. The thickness of the eyeliner is up to you! Our permanent makeup artist, Tanya, can help you achieve either a more natural or more dramatic eyeliner look, depending on your preferences. Permanent eyeliner can last anywhere from five to eight years, and even longer in some cases.
Before we begin treatment, Tanya will review with you what kind of results you are looking for, whether it be a more dramatic eyeliner with a flick or a natural eyeliner that simply enhances and gives your lashes a fuller look. Tanya may numb your eyelids to keep you comfortable throughout the process. After your treatment, try to avoid sun exposure and do not pick or scratch at any flakes that may appear. Touching or scratching at your eyes may cause discoloration or loss of pigment.
If you are interested in getting permanent eyeliner in Tampa, Florida, please call Custom Dental Care & Med-Spa today at 813-876-6930 to schedule an appointment with our permanent makeup artist, Tanya.

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